A letter from our founders..



We are so thrilled to see you.

We expect that if you are here, you are a performer, or know of one. 

Or perhaps performing is your dream, your passion, your everything. If that’s you, let’s work together.

So who are we? We are performers. We are creatives. We are teachers. We are dreamers, believers, stay up until 3am with our crazy idea types.

And we want to change the game for young performers. 

To create an artistic process that brings together professional expectations with an off the chain, AH-MAZING, can’t stop singing about it in the shower learning environment. 

To bring together the professional arts hub with Australia’s best young talent. 

Because this talent - we’ve seen it. We’ve seen it in the incredible studios we teach at. We’ve seen it at community events and on local stages. This talent is INSANE. Our future musical theatre generation looks so, so bright.

But how do we nurture talent and turn it into a career? How do we ensure that this talent also learns the life skills, process skills and professional skills to last beyond the triple turns and the backflips of discipline training?

Our studios are doing amazing work. They are training the best we’ve ever seen. But so much pressure is being placed on our drama schools to develop MORE. More than just singing, dancing and acting. To develop professional etiquette, audition & rehearsal process, mental health, creativity, independence.. it is a huge load for universities to bear in just three years of training. 

We hope that this company, and our young industry project, is a step towards easing the load. That we teach performers from much earlier on the standard, expectations and pace of working in full scale professional shows so that this is a given by the time they are belting and flipping into their first day in the Bachelor courses.

We hope to introduce them to the people who will one day be their peers. To make these working professionals available beyond meeting them at the stage door or signing a program. To get them in the studio, face to face, sharing not only their skill and industry knowledge but also their life knowledge, the nitty gritty of how to survive through the exciting but often tumultuous path of a performer.

And most exciting of all, we want our journey to end on the stage, with the lights, sweat, makeup, the adrenaline. To create a real, professional process, start to finish. To work through the nerves and the pressure of hundreds watching while you’re mic’d up and ready to take that first step and sing that first note. To finish the process remembering why we do what we do and why we will continue to do what we do: to create MAGIC.

So we reached out to our community, and the response was phenomenal. To those who are helping us bring this vision to life, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning and we are so excited.

To those thinking of joining our journey.. we can’t wait to meet you.

- Alice & Dan